Archive for Order of Illandra

Town Gates
Grounds of the Commons
Welcome to Illandra! Please look at all the threads within this section to gain a better understanding of who we are, and what we are about. It is also the place to ask questions, and add your name to the Registry.
The Town Crier
For all announcements of new memberships, and other important information regarding changes in Guild.
The Wisent Inn
For all General conversations about anything related, or not related to the Guild's activities and games played.
The Bakti Theater
This is for all works of poetry, song, and other roleplay style threads.
Garrison Barracks
This forum is for the Military members of the Guild to discuss strategies, tactics, and maintain organization of the Military.
The Court
Court Offices
This thread is where Yoeman recieve their duties and assignments, and help the leadership maintain part of the organization needed to upkeep the Guild.
Lord Marshall's Study
Here we discuss, plan, and publish important aspects of the Guild, as well as maintain some records.
Court of the Order
This is where all Cabinet members can discuss, in private, aspects, changes, or ideas to be presented and decided.
Judicial Court of the Order
This is where all Court proceedings, Assizes, and Court Martials are to be held. It is also the offices of the Lord Justicar, the Sheriffs, and the Master of Whispers.
The Holy District
Monastery of
The religious branch of the Guild, and the Holy Church of the Order. The offices and libraries of the Monestary are attached to the Church.
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